Quitting tobacco is a process that takes courage, time, and energy. It can sometimes take several attempts to learn the best way to stay quit for good. Our program will help you deal with the emotional, behavioral, and physical parts that make quitting so hard. The quitline provides guidance and support throughout the entire tobacco quit process to help you:

  • Prepare a quit plan
  • Set a quit date
  • Understand tobacco triggers
  • Manage cravings
  • Get back on track after relapses

Types of Support We Offer
Research shows that coaching and quit medications combined gives you the best chance of quitting. The quitline offers these services, as well as other supports, throughout your quit journey. The quitline supports you with:

  1. Planning and educational materials. These help you map out your road to quitting tobacco.
  2. Coaching by phone and additional support by email, text, or chat with experienced and understanding coaches. Your coach will support you during your quitting process. Your coach also will work with you to help with problem-solving and learning tools to deal with challenges. Quitline coaches are available 24 hours, 7 days a week except for Christmas and Thanksgiving closed - Shortened hours on Memorial Day, Independence day, Labor Day, Day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. .

  3. Nicotine quit medications (such as nicotine gum, lozenge, or patch). You may be eligible for quit medications. If so, we mail these directly to your home. Quit medications can double or triple your chances of quitting for good.

  4. Membership in an online community of others who are working to become tobacco free.
The quitline has three different programs that provide options to your quit journey. Programs include phone + online, online only, or phone only. Learn more about the quitline programs.